IBG builds bridges with other implementing organizations that prioritize program efficiency, thereby maximizing the impact of existing and future programs. Here are the services that IBG can provide in a partnership with those organizations that share IBG’s desire for excellence.


Organizational Assessment and Training

Improving organizational efficiency requires strong leaders who are willing and able to tackle tough challenges. To help your organization foster a culture that produces results, IBG offers: 

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Adaptive change leadership assessment/leadership coaching

  • Lean Six Sigma/Lean Experimental training

  • Leadership mentoring


Systems Change in Social Sector

IBG's accredited partnership brokers help coordinate the unique capabilities and resources of partners and provide:

  • Structuring of appropriate incentives and financing

  • Performance management systems

  • Impact measurement/evidence-based monitoring

  • Agent-based modelling



Technology plays a critical role in addressing many challenges in developing countries. IBG works with technology companies to improve:

  • Outcomes through the use of artificial intelligence

  • Distribution of benefits

  • Program performance management

  • Efficiency through the use of blockchain technology


Government Funded Social Development Programs

In addition to program investment appraisal and risk analysis, IBG works with all levels of government on new programming approaches to improve development outcomes. Click here for more information


Innovative Finance

We work with implementing organizations, outcome payers and investors to identify the right financing instrument. We can provide:

  • Feasibility study using an integrated financial and economic appraisal

  • Design and structure of financing

  • Investment analysis that examines risk, return, and impact

  • Development of business case and term sheet


Impact Evaluation

IBG works with partners, based on their objectives, to select the best evaluation method: 

  • Observational methods

  • Quasi-experimental (difference-in-difference, regression discontinuity, matching)

  • Experimental (randomized selection methods – RCT)


Small & Medium Enterprise Development

IBG works with social entrepreneurs, as well as small and medium businesses. We work with them to:

  • Conduct a feasibility study

  • Develop a strategy and business case

  • Identify investors and negotiate terms of investment

  • Structuring investments


Strategy Development

IBG works with the senior leadership team to help set priorities and improve organizational efficiency towards achieving intended outcomes and other results. We do this by:

  • Providing professional and customized facilitation

  • Creating a systematic process to determine the best means to achieve objectives

  • Using this process to identify a select set of activities for a unique value to the organization

  • Focusing resources to maximize net social benefits


Special Projects

IBG is working with partners to eradicate and eliminate certain NTDs and other infectious diseases.  IBG's expertise in finance, economics and performance management is allowing them to be a critical part of the team effort.  Click here for more information.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and metrics were developed to build a common vision and related actions across communities and governments around the world. Impact Bridges Group is working with partners in Canada and abroad to make the SDG goals a reality in as many communities as possible.