Our Story

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Our Mission

Working together to maximize the net social benefits of community development programs.

Our Vision

For all countries to have adequate resources to provide essential social services

Our Values

Pursue efficiency and equity

Build and maintain partner bridges

Adhere to the highest ethical practices

Steward resources

About Us

Impact Bridges Group (“IBG”) is an advisory non-profit providing professional services to social impact organizations, including state and non-state actors - supporting evidence-based design, performance management, and innovative financing.

" An increasing number of organizations have contacted Impact Bridges Group seeking novel financing solutions for their social programs. In response, we collaborate to develop a clear and evidence-based theory of change, refine data collection and analysis methodologies, and implement a robust performance management system. These essential steps serve as the building blocks for organizations to become well-prepared for investments and to establish sustainable revenue streams.

By working closely with our team, organizations undergo a transformational journey that equips them to attract potential investors and positions them for long-term success. Our tailored approach focuses on enhancing organizational capacity, fostering strategic partnerships, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Once these critical foundational elements are in place, our experienced team conducts a thorough investment appraisal, leveraging our network of investors to identify suitable funding opportunities. This strategic process ultimately empowers organizations to unlock their full potential, driving positive social impact and sustainable growth in the communities they serve. "

- Terry Gray (IBG Executive Director)

For organizations seeking results-based financing or investing in a social enterprise, IBG offers comprehensive investment appraisal and structuring support. This might have IBG acting as an intermediary between investors, outcome payers, and service providers or between a social enterprise and investors.  Regardless, IBG has the experience to facilitate deal structuring effectively.

For organizations aiming to enhance program effectiveness and efficiency, IBG provides robust analysis and design support. This empowers organizations to confidently engage with funders from diverse backgrounds, showcasing a solid impact model. Additionally, IBG assists universities, governments, and development banks in crafting viable and investment-ready development programs.

Impact investing enables clients who provide project and business financing to align philanthropic goals with investment strategies, generating financial returns while creating positive social and environmental impact. By incorporating impact investments, these clients can support meaningful causes, drive change, effectively engage stakeholders, and contribute to the greater good sustainably and responsibly.

At IBG, we prioritize assembling a tailored team for each client. Whether you are a small charity looking to enhance and document your impact or a government entity aiming to optimize or compare Social Return on Investment (SROI) across various interventions, IBG stands ready to collaborate with you. We provide a team of experts customized to meet your specific needs.

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