Measuring IMPACT; Are We?

It seems we have been fixated on Impact for a couple of decades now. There is very rich and high quality literature available for one to read and learn from. Many research institutions are leading the way to clear the ambiguities about impact and its measurement. I am attempting to write a few observations from my experiences.

My thoughts are based on the premise of these two Definitions
Impact: A marked effect or influence; Oxford Dictionary
Impact: The force of impression of one thing on another; Miriam Webster

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Terry Gray
The Need for Social Balance

The central objective of economic development policy is to lead a process of structural transformation of countries toward diversified production and exports. This is key to any developing country strategy for sustained economic growth. To this end, the private sector plays an incredibly important role in investing in countries, while NGOs and others have been instrumental in stimulating economic development at the bottom-of-the pyramid and in addressing issues faced by the missing-middle.  

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